Recent Additions

Date Artist Title Genres Formats Label Release date
27.05.18   La Barca "Argentina nunca más" Progressive Rock CD, DD 24.03.18
27.05.18   Between The
  Buried And Me
"Automata Part II" Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Sumerian
26.05.18   daviesteelman "Where It All Began" Progressive Rock DD 21.05.18
26.05.18   Pinnacle "To Whoever 
You Are Now"
Progressive Rock CD, DD 24.05.18
25.05.18   Maestrick "Espresso Della 
Vita: Sorale"
CD, DD Marquee
25.05.18   Lost
"Parasta Ennen" Instrumental
Jazz-Rock, Fusion, 
Progressive Rock
DD (name your price) 11.05.18
25.05.18   He Chameleon "Humanity 2.0" Progressive Rock DD 16.03.18
24.05.18   Kairos "Simulgression" Progressive
Death Metal
CD, DD 18.05.18
24.05.18   We Came
  From Space
"While You 
Were Away"
Progressive Rock DD 15.05.18
24.05.18   Fireplace "Test Pressing" Progressive Rock CD, DD 09.05.18
23.05.18 Tad Morose "Chapter X" Progressive Metal,
Power Metal
23.05.18 Kai Rüffer
Fractal Band
"I" Instrumental Jazz-
Rock, Fusion
CD, DD 29.04.18
23.05.18 Grill "The Eternal 
Progressive Rock DD 19.05.18
23.05.18 Edain "Rephrased" Instrumental Fusion, Progressive Rock/Metal CD, DD 04.05.18
22.05.18 Ben Levin
"Our Place" Art Rock DD 18.05.18
22.05.18 Alco
"Le Bateleur" Instrumental
Progressive Rock,
CD, DD, LP Fading
22.05.18 Atrium "Recreate" Progressive Metal DD (name
your price)
22.05.18 Osada Vida "Variomatic" Progressive Rock CD Metal Mind
21.05.18 3223 "Ouróboros" Instrumental
Progressive Rock,
Jazz, Classical
DD (name your price) 04.05.18
21.05.18 Distant
"Your Own 
Post Rock/Metal
CD, DD 25.05.18
21.05.18 CiDevant "Metastasize" Alternative
Progressive Rock
CD, DD 13.04.18
21.05.18 Our Solar
"Origins" Instrumental
CD, DD Beyond
Beyond is
20.05.18 Jupiter Hollow "AHDOMN" Progressive
CD, DD 04.05.18
20.05.18 Koenji Hyakkei "Dhorimviskha" Avant Prog, Zeuhl CD, DD Magaibutsu 27.06.18
19.05.18 Phideaux "Infernal" Progressive Rock CD, LP July/
Aug 18
19.05.18 Distorted
"A Way Out" Progressive
CD, DD 19.07.18
18.05.18 Karmablue "Né apparenze 
né comete"
Progressive Rock CD Atman
18.05.18 The Yellow
"The Yellow 
Progressive Rock DD 11.01.18
18.05.18 Abraham "Look, Here 
Comes The Dark!"
Post-Metal, Doom, Post-Hardcore CD, DD, LP Pelagic
18.05.18 Hollowscene
"Hollowscene" Symphonic CD, DD, LP Black Widow
17.05.18 Jupiter Groove "Gears Of 
Progressive Rock,
CD, DD We Are
Not Alone
17.05.18 Redemption "Long Night's 
Journey into Day"
Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Metal Blade
17.05.18 Canturbe "Flotteur" Progressive Rock CD, DD Viajero
Inmovil Records
17.05.18 Eclectic
Maybe Band
"The Blind Night 
Watchers' Mysterious 
Avant Prog,
CD, DD Discus
16.05.18 Exelixis "Evolution" Progressive Metal DD (name your price) 03.01.18
16.05.18 Mark
"Tales From The 
Dreaming City"
Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion CD, DD MoonJune
16.05.18 Albion "You'll Be Mine" Progressive Rock CD Lynx Music 22.09.18
16.05.18 Our Own
"Our Own 
Progressive Metal CD, DD 27.04.18
15.05.18 The Prognosis "Still Waters" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP 12.05.18
15.05.18 Cheer-Accident "Fades" Avant Prog CD, DD, LP SKiN GRAFT
15.05.18 Obscura "Diluvium" Progressive
Death Metal
CD, DD, LP Relapse
15.05.18 Ábrete Gandul "Referencias 
Progressive Rock
14.05.18 Jack 'O
The Clock
"Repetitions of 
the Old City II"
Progressive Rock
14.05.18 Ostura "The Room" Symphonic
Progressive Metal
CD, DD Universal
14.05.18 Cell15 "River Utopia" Progressive Rock CD, DD 15.05.18
14.05.18 Strangefish "The Spotlight Effect" Progressive Rock CD, DD 18.06.18
13.05.18 Cyrcus Flyght "The Clueless 
CD, DD 11.05.18
13.05.18 Seven Reizh "L'Albatros" Symphonic CD 23.05.18
12.05.18 The Man
From RavCon
"Another World" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD 22.06.18
12.05.18 Sequester "Hermit" Progressive
DD 08.05.18
11.05.18 Old Man
"Blame It All 
On Sorcery"
Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP Gatefold
11.05.18 Kimara Sajn "The Mourning Past" Progressive Rock CD Precognitive
11.05.18 Atmospheres "Reach" Atmospheric Progressive Rock/Metal DD 04.05.18
10.05.18 Sindicato De
Asesinos Seriales
"Las Sombras 
Que Evadimos"
Progressive Rock DD (name your price) 04.05.18
10.05.18 Season Of
The Crow
"Let It Fly" Progressive Rock CD, DD 08.05.18
10.05.18 Galactic Empire "Episode II" Instrumental Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Rise
09.05.18 Swimmer "Throw it Out" Progressive Rock, Fusion CD, DD 03.05.18
09.05.18 Trail "Spaces" Psychedelic, Stoner CD, DD Discus
09.05.18 Dyed In Grey "Anguish And Ardor" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
DD 29.04.18
08.05.18 Laura Meade "Remedium" Art Rock CD, DD, LP Doone Records 18.05.18
08.05.18 Dee Palmer "Through 
Darkened Glass"
Progressive Rock CD, DD 23.01.18
08.05.18 Anabiosis "Submerged Into 
Scattered Patterns"
Progressive Metal
DD 04.05.18
08.05.18 The Crazy Left
"Death, Destruction 
And Magic"
LP, DD Adansonia Records 16.04.18
07.05.18 ScienceNV "The Quest for 
Prester John Vol. 1"
Progressive Rock CD, DD 26.03.18
07.05.18 Marzy Maddox "Catching Up To Massimo" Progressive Metal CD, DD 05.05.18
07.05.18 Dog Drive
"How Did We 
Get Here?"
Progressive Rock,
CD, DD 02.02.18
07.05.18 Human Factor "Let Nature Take Its Course" Instrumental
Space Rock
CD, DD R.A.I.G 01.06.18
06.05.18 Silent Script "New Beginning"
(link updated)
CD, DD 20.04.18
06.05.18 Me And
My Kites
"Natt o Dag" Psychedelic,
Prog Folk
CD, DD, LP Sound Effect
05.05.18 Needlepoint "The Diary of 
Robert Reverie"
Retro Prog,
Canterbury, Jazz-
Rock, Fusion
CD, DD, LP Bjk Music 25.05.18
05.05.18 Tranzat "The Great Disaster" Progressive Metal CD, DD (name your price) Black Desert Records 15.03.18
04.05.18 Nexus 4000 "Space Magic" Instrumental, Jazz-Rock, Fusion CD, DD 18.12.17
04.05.18 Chickn "Wowsers!" Psychedelic, Retro, Prog Related Rock LP+CD, DD Inner Ear
04.05.18 23 Acez "Embracing 
The Madness"
Progressive Metal CD, DD Freya
04.05.18 Fuchs "Station Songs" Progressive Rock CD, DD Tempus
03.05.18 The Mercy
"Ghettoblaster" Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Classical DD 04.09.17
03.05.18 Dmitry Demyanenko "Universe" Instrumental Progressive Metal CD, DD 05.04.18
03.05.18 The Dustman
"On Second Thought" Avant Prog,
Fusion, Jazz-Rock
your price)
L'étourneur 12.04.18
03.05.18 White
"Asymmetric Man" Progressive Rock DD 25.04.18
02.05.18 The Slyde "Awakening" Alternative
DD 18.05.18
02.05.18 Colouratura "Unfamiliar Skies" Progressive Rock CD, DD Melodic
02.05.18 Oteme "Il Corpo nel Sogno" Chamber, Art Rock,
Avant Prog
CD, DD Ma.Ra.Cash
02.05.18 Forty Shades "Blackstar Diamond" Progressive Power Metal CD, DD 27.04.18
01.05.18 Teemu
Viinikainen III
"Return of Robert 
Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion CD, DD Eclipse
01.05.18 Argos "Unidentified Dying Objects" Progressive Rock CD, DD Bad Elephant Music July 2018
01.05.18 Haten Kohro "Ushiwaka" Progressive Folk
CD Wisterience 03.04.18
01.05.18 American
"Hard Core" Progressive Rock, AOR CD Escape
30.04.18 Doug
the Eagle
"Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine
Progressive Rock DD 22.04.18
30.04.18 Finally George "Life is a Killer" Progressive Rock DD 27.04.18
30.04.18 Seven Eyed
"Organized Chaos" Progressive Metal/Rock CD, DD Lunatik
30.04.18 Shadow
"Tomorrow" Progressive Rock CD, DD 27.04.18
29.04.18 Not a Good
"Icebound" Progressive Rock CD, DD 05.05.18
29.04.18 Golgatha "The Ascendant" Progressive
DD 28.04.18
28.04.18 Pharaoh
"Zero" Psychedelic, Stoner, Space Rock CD, DD, LP Ektro Records /Hydra Head Records 27.04.18
28.04.18 Galasphere 347 "Galasphere 347" Symphonic CD, DD, LP Karisma Records 20.07.18
27.04.18 Modern Day Babylon "Coma" Instrumental Progressive Djent Metal CD, DD, LP 22.02.18
27.04.18 Red Spectrum "Red Spectrum" Progressive Rock CD, DD 10.09.17
27.04.18 Astral Blue "Out of The 
Astral Blue"
Retro Prog, Psychedelic CD, DD 24.03.18
26.04.18 The World Is Quiet Here "Prologue" Progressive Metal DD 30.03.18
26.04.18 Cookin'X "Schlaraffenland" Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Psychedelic DD (name your price) Lloni music production 01.03.18
26.04.18 Montaña "Coordenadas" Instrumental
Post Rock
CD, DD 19.04.18
25.04.18 Awooga "Conduit" Alternative/Post/
Progressive Metal, Grunge
CD, DD, LP Rockosmos 20.04.18
25.04.18 Geof Whitely Project "Sempiternal" Progressive Rock DD Eyrie Records 23.04.18
25.04.18 Wandering
"Get Lost" Progressive
DD 23.04.18
25.04.18 Conundrum
in Deed
"Travelling House" Progressive Rock DD 18.04.18
24.04.18 Hedras Ramos "The Impressionist" Progressive Metal, Fusion DD 01.09.17
24.04.18 Pat Strawser "fifty-two" Instrumental Progressive Rock DD 19.04.18
24.04.18 Ivar Bjørnson &
Einar Selvik
"Hugsjá" Prog Folk, World Music CD, DD, LP By Norse Music 20.04.18
24.04.18 Artikon "Evolution" Progressive Metal DD 22.04.18
23.04.18 Solus "Satya Yuga" Instrumental Psychedelic, Stoner, Space Rock CD, DD R.A.I.G. 21.04.18
23.04.18 Fabric Of
Reality Project
"Still Life" Retro Prog DD 05.04.18
23.04.18 Dreyelands "Stages" Pogressive Metal LP, DD 24.05.18
23.04.18 Geoff Barone "Acquiescence" Rock Opera, Progressive Rock CD, DD 20.04.18
22.04.18 Unaka Prong "Salinity Now!" Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Progressive Rock DD 20.04.18
21.04.18 Unprocessed "Covenant" Progressive Metal CD, DD Long Branch Records 13.04.18
21.04.18 The Howl Ensemble "Patina" Instrumental Eclectic, Experimental, Avant Prog, Math Rock DD, LP Lighttown FIdelity Records 14.04.18
21.04.18 Ring van Möbius "Past The Evening Sun" Retro Prog CD, DD, LP Apollon Records Prog 25.05.18
20.04.18 Jonathan Anderson "Marauder" Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock DD 23.03.18
20.04.18 WorldService Project "Serve" Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Avant Prog CD, DD, LP RareNoise Records 27.04.18
20.04.18 Durgha Esmael "Herbivora" Instrumental Progressive Rock, Psychedelic DD 17.01.18
19.04.18 Visionoir "The Waving Flame 
of Oblivion"
CD, DD 23.10.17
19.04.18 Reformat "The Singularity" Electronica, Progressive Rock CD, DD Bad Elephant Music 20.04.18
19.04.18 Sleeping Pandora "From Above" Instrumental Space Rock, Psychedelic CD, DD Clostridium Records 01.02.18
19.04.18 Yatin Srivastava Project "Chaos // Despair" Progressive Metal CD, DD 25.05.18
18.04.18 glaston "Inhale / Exhale" Instrumental
Post Rock
CD, DD, LP 06.10.17
18.04.18 Jukka Iisakkila "Clocks and Clouds" Instrumental Progressive Rock CD, DD Eclipse Music 13.04.18
18.04.18 The Earth and I "The Candleman 
and the Curtain"
Progressive Metal DD 13.04.18
18.04.18 Twin Speak "Soulss" Instrumental Eclectic Progressive Rock, Psychedelic DD (name your price) 01.04.18
17.04.18 Il Fedelissimo Bracco Branco "Appunti di 
Progressive Rock CD, DD July 2017
17.04.18 Grayceon "IV" Progressive/Post/
Sludge Metal
CD, DD, LP Translation Loss 18.05.18
17.04.18 Bunnies "Transportation To 
Mind Transformation"
Avant Prog, Psychedelic DD, LP 06.04.18
17.04.18 Anglesee "Stories" Progressive Rock DD (name your price) 05.04.18
16.04.18 Harvey Djent "Harvey Djent" Alternative
Progressive Metal
CD, DD 05.04.18
16.04.18 Moonshine Blast "Reality Fear" Neo-Prog CD, DD 20.03.18
16.04.18 Peter Gee "The Bible" Progressive Rock CD, DD 30.04.18
16.04.18 Fere "Montedor" Instrumental Post Rock/Metal, Doom CD, DD Raging Planet Records 20.03.18
15.04.18 3RDegree "Ones & Zeros: 
Volume 0"
Progressive Rock CD, DD 30.04.18
15.04.18 Burntfield "Hereafter" Progressive Rock CD, DD Progressive Gears 07.05.18
15.04.18 Rivers
of Nihil
"Where Owls Know 
My Name"
Death Metal
CD, DD, LP Metal Blade Records 16.03.18
14.04.18 Cosmic Fall "In Search Of Outer Space" Psychedelic, Space Rock, Stoner, Jamband CD, DD, LP Clostridium
13.04.18 Il Sentiero
Di Taus
"Macrocosmosi" Progressive Rock CD, DD Lizard
13.04.18 Bibeau "Bibeau" Progressive Metal/Rock DD Fade To Silence 23.03.18
13.04.18 TumbleTown "Never Too Late" Progressive Rock CD, DD FREIA Music 24.05.18
13.04.18 Lótus Áurea "Principia" Progressive Rock CD, DD (name your price) 30.3.18
12.04.18 Portal "The Unconscious World" (link updated) Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal CD, DD 31.03.18
12.04.18 Minami Deutsch "With Dim Light" Krautrock,
CD, DD, LP Guruguru
12.04.18 Coldbones "Where It All Began" Instrumental
Post Rock
DD, LP Crooked
12.04.18 Seventh Wonder "Tiara" Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Frontiers 12.10.18
11.04.18 Calliope "Chapel Perilous" Psychedelic, Retro Prog LP, DD Romanus Records 31.03.18
11.04.18 La Dottrina
degli Opposti
"Arrivederci sogni" Symphonic CD, DD Fading / Ma.Ra.Cash  17.03.18
11.04.18 Frank X "From Planet X" Progressive Metal DD 08.04.18
11.04.18 Lonker See "One Eye Sees Red" Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic,
Avant Prog
CD, DD, LP Instant Classic 05.04.18
10.04.18 Troy Gregory "Xaviera" Progressive Rock DD, LP Jett Plastic Recordings 23.09.17
10.04.18 Earth Flight "Riverdragons & Elephant Dreams" Progressive Rock/Metal CD, DD, LP Supreme Chaos
10.04.18 Dream The
Electric Sleep
"The Giants' 
Progressive Rock DD 7Hz Productions 18.05.18
09.04.18 The Sea Within "The Sea Within" Art Rock CD, DD, LP InsideOut 22.06.18
09.04.18 Nautilus "The Oceanwalker" Instrumental Progressive Metal, Post Metal DD (name your price) 14.03.18
09.04.18 Protoplasma "-"  Avant Prog DD 29.03.18
08.04.18 Guru Guru "Rotate" Krautrock,
CD, DD, LP Adansonia Records, Trance Music 06.04.18
08.04.18 Cloud Theory "Torn" Progressive Metal/Rock DD 12.03.18
07.04.18 Spectral Haze "Turning Electric" Psychedelic, Stoner CD, DD, LP Totem Cat Records 12.11.17
07.04.18 Downriver Dead Men Go "Departures" Post Rock,
Progressive Rock
CD, DD FREIA Music 08.03.18
07.04.18 Valermada "Fear, Regrets And Mourning" Progressive Rock/Metal DD, LP 04.04.18
06.04.18 Drowning Steps "The Comfort of an Endless Pain" Progressive Rock DD 27.06.17
06.04.18 Bobby Previte "Rhapsody" Acoustic Fusion, Classical, Jazz,
Avant Prog
CD, DD, LP RareNoise Records 23.02.18
06.04.18 Mask Of Prospero "The Observatory" Progressive Metal CD, DD Symmetric Records 16.04.18
06.04.18 Anyone's Daughter "Living The Future" Progressive Rock/Pop CD in-Akustik 20.04.18
05.04.18 Travis Orbin "Silly String II" Instrumental Technical Progressive Rock, Fusion CD, DD 29.12.17
05.04.18 [Addiktio] "Verraton" Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal DD, LP 09.03.18
05.04.18 Tempest "Thirty Little Turns" Prog Folk CD, DD Magna Carta Records 23.02.18
05.04.18 Aesthesys "Achromata" Instrumental Progressive Rock,
Post Rock, Neo-Classical
DD, LP Narshardaa Records 03.04.18
04.04.18 Hexed "Netherworld" Progressive Power Metal CD, DD ViciSolum Productions 30.03.18
04.04.18 Kevin Lawry "The Journey 
Of Regret"
Progressive Rock DD (name your price) 26.03.18
04.04.18 Rick Miller "Delusional" Atmospheric,
Art Rock
CD, DD MALS 08.03.18
04.04.18 Agnesis "In Places We Keep" Progressive Rock/Metal CD, DD 11.03.18
03.04.18 Mar Assombrado "Canções Do Farol" Progressive Rock CD Aug 2017
03.04.18 A Backward Glance on a
Travel Road (Hypno5e)
"Alba - Les Ombres Errantes" Acoustic Progressive Rock, Soundtrack CD, DD, LP Pelagic Records 06.04.18
03.04.18 Walls Of
"A Portrait 
of Memories"
Progressive Power Metal CD, DD Revalve Records 13.04.18
03.04.18 Pharnal "Limbes" Instrumental Progressive Rock CD, DD 22.03.18
02.04.18 Tésis Ársis "Falha Humana" Instrumental Symphonic CD 25.08.17
02.04.18 Paul Wardingham "Electromancer" Instrumental Progressive Metal CD, DD Enigmatic Records 10.04.18
02.04.18 GEPH "Apophenia" Instrumental Jazz Rock, Fusion CD, DD 06.07.18
02.04.18 The STOCK "Humanize" Progressive Rock DD 02.01.18
01.04.18 Valis Ablaze "Boundless" Alternative Progressive Metal CD, DD Long Branch Records 06.04.18
01.04.18 Arca Progjet "Arca Progjet" Progressive Rock CD, DD Jolly Roger Records 21.04.18
01.04.18 Axios "Erased" Progressive Rock CD, DD 26.3.18
31.03.18 The Bipolar Disorder Project "Anna" Progressive Metal/Rock DD (name your price) 26.03.18
31.03.18 Coatsworth-Hay "Emblem" Progressive Rock CD, DD 26.03.18
31.03.18 Emperor
"Emperor Norton" Progressive Rock DD 17.03.18
30.03.18 Lenore S.
"All Things Lost On Earth" Progressive Gothic Rock/Metal CD, DD My Kingdom Music 23.03.18
30.03.18 Owane "Yeah Whatever" Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion CD, DD 25.03.18
30.03.18 Fungus Hill "Cosmic Construction 
on Proxima B"
Retro Prog, Psychedelic, Blues, Stoner DD 12.03.18
30.03.18 Leviathan "Can't Be Seen By Looking: Blurring the Lines, Clouding the Truth" Progressive Metal CD, DD Stonefellowship Recordings 13.03.18
30.03.18 Ankh "Tu jest i tam jest" Progressive Rock CD, DD 28.03.18
29.03.18 The Sheen "The Sheen" Progressive Rock CD, DD 20.03.18
29.03.18 Disconnected "White Colossus" Progressive Technical Metal CD, DD Apathia Records 23.03.18
29.03.18 BUMA Trío "Iscaro / Chayle / Valotta" Instrumental
Jazz-Rock, Fusion
DD Viajero Inmovil  15.03.18
29.03.18 Alan Simon "Big Bang" Symphonic CD, DD Babaika Productions 23.03.18
28.03.18 La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore "Viaggi InVersi" Progressive
CD, DD Revalve Records 27.04.18
28.03.18 Flora "The Bottom" Instrumental
Progressive Rock,
Post Rock
DD (name your price) 19.03.18
28.03.18 Armonite "And the Stars Above" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
CD Cleopatra Records 25.05.18
28.03.18 Anasazi "Ask The Dust" Progressive
CD, DD May 2018
27.03.18 The Messthetics "The Messthetics" Instrumental Fusion CD, LP, DD Dischord Records 23.03.18
27.03.18 Nathan "Era" Symphonic CD, DD AMS 12.04.18
27.03.18 Toundra "Vortex" Instrumental Post Rock/Metal CD, LP, DD Century Media 27.04.18
27.03.18 Hillmen "The Whiskey Mountain Sessions, Vol.II" Instrumental Jazz, Fusion, Jamband, Psychedelic CD, DD Firepool Records 16.03.18
26.03.18 José María Blanc "La Herencia de Pablo" Symphonic CD, DD Viajero Inmovil  23.03.18
26.03.18 Amorphis "Queen Of Time" Progressive Metal CD, LP Nuclear
26.03.18 Goad "Landor" Progressive Rock CD 23.03.18
26.03.18 Astral Bazaar "Pictures Unrelated" Progressive Rock, Psychedelic CD, DD 23.03.18
25.03.18 Taotopia "Nightfall" Progressive Metal CD, DD 14.03.18
25.03.18 Alberto Rigoni featuring
Marco Minnemann
"EvoRevolution" Instrumental
Progressive Rock, Fusion, Ambient
CD, DD, LP PRS Music 03.06.18
24.03.18 Rivendel "Sisyfos" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
CD, DD Lednevir Records 09.04.18
24.03.18 Alkaloid "Liquid Anatomy" Progressive
Extreme Metal
CD, DD, LP Season Of Mist 18.05.18
24.03.18 Mothertongue "Where The 
Moonlight Snows"
CD, DD Bad Elephant Music 23.03.18
23.03.18 John Holden "Capture Light" Progressive Rock CD, DD 16.03.18
23.03.18 Gardenjia "In Dreams" Progressive Metal DD 12.12.17
23.03.18 Mouth "Floating" Psychedelic,
Retro Prog
CD, DD, LP Tonzonen Records 23.03.18
23.03.18 Solar Project "Utopia" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP New Music - Green Tree 23.03.18
22.03.18 Vy "Vy 3" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD 17.03.18
22.03.18 Hekz "Invicta" Progressive
СD 20.04.18
22.03.18 The Cinema
"L'errante" Progressive Rock DD 12.02.18
22.03.18 MaterialEyes "Strange Road" Progressive Rock CD, DD Davwilmar Music 29.03.18
21.03.18 Knife the Glitter "Knife the Glitter" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
LP, DD Husaria Records, Party Smasher Inc 22.12.17
21.03.18 Bomber Goggles "Gyreland" Progressive Rock CD, DD Melodic Revolution Records 21.03.18
21.03.18 Robert Reed "Sanctuary III" Progressive Rock CD+DVD, DD Tigermoth Records 20.04.18
21.03.18 Dead Empires "Designed To 
Progressive Metal, Sludge
CD, DD, LP, CS Silent Pendulum Records 23.02.18
20.03.18 3thera "Can You Walk ?"
(link updated)
Instrumental Technical Progressive Rock, Fusion DD 18.12.17
20.03.18 La Stella Rossa
Del Kinotto
"La Stella Rossa 
Del Kinotto"
Progressive Rock CD, DD Jan 2018
20.03.18 Sky Empire "The Dark Tower" Progressive Metal CD, DD 08.03.18
20.03.18 PinioL "Bran Coucou" Avant Prog,
Math Rock
CD, DD, LP Dur Et Doux 27.04.18
19.03.18 Escaper "Skeleton Key" Instrumental Jazz-
Rock, Funk, Fusion
CD, DD Ropeadope Records 12.05.17
19.03.18 Tomorrow's Eve "Mirror Of Creation III 
– Project Ikaros"
Progressive Metal CD BAZE Records /
Dr. Music Records
19.03.18 Astrodome "II" Instrumental Psychedelic, Progressive Rock  CS, DD 04.03.18
19.03.18 ESP 2.0 "22 Layers Of Sunlight" Progressive Rock CD, DD Sunn Creative 20.04.18
18.03.18 Eldritch "Cracksleep" Progressive Metal CD, DD Scarlet Records 23.03.18
18.03.18 Halucynacje "La Petite Blonde" Instrumental Psychedelic, Fusion, Progressive Rock CD, DD Lynx Music 15.03.18
17.03.18 Shadowlight "Stars Above The City" Progressive Rock DD 07.04.18
17.03.18 Main:Art "Synæsthetic" Progressive Metal DD 17.02.18
17.03.18 Marbin "Israeli Jazz" Instrumental
Jazz-Rock, Fusion
CD, DD 15.03.18
16.03.18 Lunatic Soul "Under the 
Fragmented Sky"
Atmospheric Progressive Rock, Electronica CD, DD, LP Kscope, Mystic Production 25.05.18
16.03.18 Ihsahn "Àmr" Eclectic Progressive Metal, Black Metal CD, DD, LP Candlelight Records 04.05.18
16.03.18 David Cross & David Jackson "Another Day" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
CD, DD 16.03.18
16.03.18 Progger "Dystopia" Instrumental
Jazz-Rock, Fusion
CD, DD Ropeadope Records 09.03.18
15.03.18 RXP "Pathos" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
DD 15.01.18
15.03.18 Watter "History Of 
The Future"
Instrumental Eclectic Progressive Rock, Electronica CD, DD, LP Temporary Residence 20.10.17
15.03.18 Harã Lemes "A New Land" Progressive Rock DD 04.03.18
15.03.18 Emphasis "Soul Transfer" Progressive Metal CD, DD Red Rivet Records 21.03.18
14.03.18 Tusmørke "Fjernsyn I Farver" Psychedelic Retro
Prog Folk
CD, DD, LP Karisma Records 04.05.18
14.03.18 Shalash Band /Шалаш "Shalash / Шалаш" Instrumental
DD (name your price) 10.03.18
14.03.18 Zapryan "Regression Therapy" Alternative
Progressive Metal
DD (name your price) 08.03.18
14.03.18 Noibla "Hesitation" Progressive Rock CD Lynx Music 20.03.18
13.03.18 The Aaron Clift Experiment "If All Goes Wrong" Progressive Rock CD, DD 04.05.18
13.03.18 Bob Katsionis "Prognosis & 
Progressive Power Metal, Electronica
CD, DD Symmetric Records 17.02.18
13.03.18 MDS (Monnaie
de Singe)
"The Last Chance" Progressive Rock CD 24.03.18
13.03.18 Kingfisher Sky "Technicoloured Eyes" Progressive Rock CD, DD Suburban Records 23.03.18
12.03.18 By'ce Project "Abyss of the Mind" Progressive
DD 15.01.18
12.03.18 The Vardaman Ensemble "Is Land" Instrumental Avant Prog, Eclectic, Fusion CD, CS, DD (name your price) SDM 01.03.18
12.03.18 Overture "Overture" Progressive Rock CD, DD 08.03.18
12.03.18 WalzWerk "WalzWerk" Progressive
DD Calygram 02.03.18
11.03.18 Mildlife "Phase" Fusion DD, LP Research Records 23.02.18
11.03.18 Road To
"Road To Jerusalem" Progressive
Hard Rock
CD, DD, LP ViciSolum Productions 02.03.18
10.03.18 Lizzard "Shift Master" Alternative
Progressive Metal
CD, DD 23.02.18
10.03.18 Phil Lanzon "If You Think I’m Crazy!" Prog Related
CD, DD, LP 22.09.17
10.03.18 Ümit! "The Testament Of Ümit!" Progressive Rock DD, LP Bellerophon Records 28.02.18
09.03.18 Matyrker "Emanation" Progressive Metal CD, DD (name your price) 13.02.18
09.03.18 Time Collider "Travel Conspiracy" Neo-Prog CD, LP 01.05.18
09.03.18 Moop "Moop" Instrumental Avant Prog, Jazz-Rock CD, DD 14.09.17
09.03.18 Tangerine Circus "A Brief Encounter 
With Myself"
CD, DD 01.02.18
08.03.18 Homunculus Res "Della Stessa Sostanza Dei Sogni" Canterbury CD, DD AltrOck, Ma.Ra.Cash Records 08.03.18
08.03.18 Poly-Math "House of Wisdom | 
We are The Devil"
Progressive Rock,
Math Rock
DD, LP Lonely Voyage Records 20.04.18
08.03.18 Astrakhan "Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed" Progressive Stoner Metal DD 02.02.18
07.03.18 Edgar's Hair "Jonathan's Dive" Experimental Psychedelic, Ambient, Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP, CS Hoor'75 Records 25.11.17
07.03.18 Arena "Double Vision" Progressive Rock CD 25.05.18
07.03.18 Yossi Sassi & The Oriental Rock Orchestra

"Illusion Of Choice" Progressive
CD, DD 04.04.18
07.03.18 Øresund
Instrumental Psychedelic,
Space Rock

CD, DD, LP Space Rock
06.03.18 Xenoverse "The Fall: Part I" Progressive
Symphonic Rock/
Metal Opera
DD 05.03.18
06.03.18 Crystal Palace "Scattered Shards" Progressive Rock CD Progressive Promotion Recordss 06.04.18
06.03.18 Quo "Trama" Progressive
DD Machine
Man Records
06.03.18 David Younger "Here & Now" Neo-Prog CD, DD 01.01.18
05.03.18 Doc's Ferment "Volume I" Progressive Rock CD, DD 19.11.17
05.03.18 Deafening Opera "Let Silence Fall" Progressive
CD, DD 17.03.18
05.03.18 Yuka & Chronoship "SHIP" Progressive Rock CD King Records, Cherry Red Records 04.04.18
05.03.18 Seyminhol "Ophelian Fields" Progressive Metal CD Lion Music 23.02.18
05.03.18 The Fierce And The Dead "Euphoric" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
CD, DD, LP Bad Elephant Music 18.05.18
04.03.18 Boltzmann Brain "Sind die echt" Instrumental Psychedelic,
Avant Prog
CD, DD (name your price) 14.10.17
04.03.18 Spock’s Beard "Noise Floor" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP InsideOut 25.05.18
03.03.18 Kaisers Bart "Meister5tuck" Progressive Metal CD, DD 7Hard 23.02.18
03.03.18 Ange "Heureux!" Progressive Rock CD, DD Artdisto 02.03.18
03.03.18 Delusion Squared "Anthropocene" Progressive Rock CD, DD 07.04.18
02.03.18 Sleep in Heads "On the Air" Progressive
CD, DD Noizr 01.03.18
02.03.18 Mile Marker Zero "The Fifth Row" Progressive Rock DD 02.03.18
02.03.18 The C:live Collective "The Age of Insanity" Progressive Rock CD, DD 01.03.18
02.03.18 Phi "Cycles" Progressive
CD, DD Gentle Art
Of Music
01.03.18 Umphrey’s
"it’s not us" Eclectic, Multigenre CD, DD, LP 12.01.18
01.03.18 Dave Hampson "You'll Never Know" Progressive Rock DD 08.12.17
01.03.18 Hypnotheticall "Synchreality" Progressive Metal CD, DD Revalve Records 16.03.18
01.03.18 Naxatras "III" Psychedelic CD, DD, LP 16.02.18
28.02.18 Escaper "Edge Detection" Instrumental
Jazz-Rock, Fusion
CD, DD Ropeadope Records 23.02.18
28.02.18 The Critical
"..Unconventional Breakfast.. A Story Of Characters" Progressive
CD, DD (name your price) 25.02.18
28.02.18 Enine "The Great Silent" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD 15.02.18
28.02.18 Heavy Moon "Heavy Moon 12" Instrumental Space Rock, Psychedelic CS, DD Arachnidiscs 12.02.18
28.02.18 Heavenblast "Stamina" Progressive
Power Metal
CD, DD Music
27.02.18 George Bellas "Colonizing the Stars" Progressive Rock DD 22.02.18
27.02.18 Gleb Kolyadin "Gleb Kolyadin" Progressive Rock, Classical CD, LP, DD Kscope 23.02.18
27.02.18 Eternal Journey "The Traveller" Progressive
Rock/Metal Opera
CD, LP, DD Afraid of Sunlight 23.02.18
27.02.18 Visual Cliff "Refuge" Progressive Rock CD, LP, DD Trinity  23.02.18
26.02.18 Entropia "Invisible" Progressive Rock CD, LP, DD (name your price) Cosmic Tentacles, Nooirax  22.02.18
26.02.18 New Horizons "Inner Dislocation" Progressive Metal CD, DD Revalve  23.02.18
26.02.18 Crocodile "His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherf**ker" Progressive Rock LP, DD 10.02.18
26.02.18 Adam Holzman "Truth Decay" Progressive Rock,
Jazz-Rock, Fusion
CD, DD Big Fun Productions 02.02.18
25.02.18 Rammen "The Echo & The System" Istrumental Post Rock/Metal DD 27.01.18
25.02.18 BRIAN! "Chasms Of Color & Thought" Avant Prog CD, DD 27.01.18
24.02.18 Lazuli "Saison 8" Progressive Rock CD 20.03.18
24.02.18 Subsignal "La Muerta" Progressive
CD, DD, LP Gentle Art
of Music
23.02.18 Gazpacho "Soyuz" Art Rock,
Progressive Rock
CD, DD, LP Kscope 18.05.18
23.02.18 Pierpaolo Bibbò "Via Lattea" Progressive Rock CD MP Records 22.01.18
23.02.18 Pinn Dropp "Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re:Unite" Progressive Rock DD 10.12.17
22.02.18 Novareign "Legends"  Progressive
Power Metal
CD, DD M-Theory Audio 16.02.18
22.02.18 BigSure "Hydronaüt" Space Rock CD, DD 02.02.18
22.02.18 Dukes of the Orient "Dukes of the Orient" AOR,
Progressive Rock
CD, DD, LP Frontiers 23.02.18
21.02.18 Noorvik "Noorvik" Instrumental
Post Metal/Rock
CD, DD 12.01.18
21.02.18 Thomas Konder "Labyrinth" Progressive Rock CD, DD Musea Parallèle 20.02.18
21.02.18 Mother Turtle "Zea Mice" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD 20.02.18
21.02.18 Howling
"Howling Sycamore" Progressive Avant Garde Metal CD, DD, LP Prosthetic Records 26.01.18
20.02.18 After the Fall "Early Light" Progressive Rock CD, DD 14.02.18
20.02.18 Indrek Patte "Cinemanic" Symphonic CD 01.12.17
20.02.18 CMX "Alkuteos" Progressive
CD, DD, LP Ratas Music, Sony Music 09.02.18
20.02.18 Roz Vitalis "The Hidden Man 
Of The Heart"
Progressive Rock
CD, DD Lizard Records Mar 2018
19.02.18 The Dame "Losing Sight of What You Want" Progressive Rock CD, DD 16.02.18
19.02.18 Gavin Kennedy "Sunchaser" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
DD Faring West Records 09.02.18
19.02.18 Ars Pro Vita "Minor" Symphonic СD, DD 01.08.17
19.02.18 Frequency Drift "Letters to Maro" Progressive Rock СD, DD, LP Gentle Art
Of Music
18.02.18 Structural
"...and the Cage Crumbles in the Final Scene" Progressive Metal СD, DD Lion Music 15.03.18
18.02.18 Reale Accademia di Musica "Angeli Mutanti" Symphonic СD, LP MP Records 28.02.18
17.02.18 Breed "How The Equine Died" Progressive
DD 02.02.18
17.02.18 Black Ladder "An Ambitious Few" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD 07.02.18
16.02.18 Hyvmine "Earthquake" Progressive Metal, Grunge, Hard Rock CD, DD Seek & Strike 19.01.18
16.02.18 Undertable
"Undertable Dreams" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
DD (name your price) 13.02.18
16.02.18 Los Tabanos Experience "Songs of Creation" Instrumental Psychedelic,
Space Rock
DD (name your price) 01.10.17
15.02.18 Chaos Theatre "Metanoia" Progressive
Rock/Metal Opera
DD Willard of
Oz Studios
15.02.18 Vitral "Entre as Estrelas" Instrumental Symphonic CD Masque Records Dec 2017
15.02.18 Reversal
"Jekyll and Hyde" Progressive Rock Opera CD, DD
15.02.18 Royal Hunt "Cast In Stone" Progressive Power Metal CD, DD NorthPoint Productions, King Records 21.02.18
14.02.18 Mundusmurum "Márpico" Instrumental
Progressive Rock,
New Age
CD, DD Jesiisma 15.01.18
14.02.18 Nimb "Corvus Corax" Progressive
Rock / Metal
DD (name your price) 09.02.18
14.02.18 Path Of Ilya "Path Of Ilya" Instrumental
Progressive Rock, Fusion
DD 29.01.18
13.02.18 The Mad Baron "When Nothing Comes True" Progressive Metal / Rock DD 08.02.18
13.02.18 Lunar Cape /
Мыс Луны
"Lunar Folk Tales"/ "Лунные Народные Сказки" (instrumental version) Progressive Rock,
Folk, World Music, Ethnic
CD, DD ArtBeat 01.01.18
13.02.18 La Collina Sommersa "Changing Hemispheres" Progressive
DD 01.10.17
12.02.18 MetaQuorum "Witchcraft Jazz" Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Progressive Rock, Electronica, Funk CD, DD, LP 22.02.18
12.02.18 Forever in Transit "States of Disconnection" Progressive Metal CD, DD 09.02.18
12.02.18 In Lights "This Is How We Exist" Instrumental Post Rock CD, DD 1724 Records 08.11.17
11.02.18 bArtMan "Goodbye Cruel World" Progressive Rock CD, DD, DVD 16.01.18
11.02.18 TesseracT "Sonder" Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Kscope 20.04.18
10.02.18 Dry River "2038" Progressive Rock CD, DD Rock Estatal Records 02.02.18
10.02.18 Starving Daughters "Strange Valleys" Instrumental Psychedelic, Progressive Rock LP Forest Jams Feb 2018
09.02.18 A Notion of Silence "Dynamo" Progressive
DD 09.02.18
09.02.18 7 Ocean /
7 Океан
"Last Level" / "Последний уровень"

Art Rock, Symphonic DD (free mp3) Nov 2017
09.02.18 Cody Carpenter "Cody Carpenter's Interdependence" Instrumental
Progressive Rock
CD, DD Blue Canoe Records 26.01.18
08.02.18 TerraTerra "TerraTerra" Instrumental
Post Metal
DD 10.01.18
08.02.18 Bucium "Miorita" Prog Folk CD, DD 18.12.17
08.02.18 Gong Expresso "Decadence" Progressive Rock,
CD, DD, LP 20.02.18
07.02.18 Mementoria "1.5" Progressive
CD, DD 25.01.18
07.02.18 Kino "Radio Voltaire" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP InsideOut 23.03.18
07.02.18 Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet "Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet" Experimental, Space Rock, Krautrock CD, DD, LP Cleopatra Records 04.01.18
07.02.18 Good Tiger "We Will All Be Gone" Alternative Progressive Rock /Metal CD, DD, LP Metal Blade Records 09.02.18
06.02.18 Sammal "Suuliekki" Retro Prog CD, DD, LP Svart Records 09.03.18
06.02.18 OAK Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative "Giordano Bruno" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP Aereostella/
06.02.18 Coen "Remnants Of 
CD, DD 02.02.18
06.02.18 JPL "Retrospections 
Volume III"
Progressive Rock CD, DD Quadrifonic 31.03.18
05.02.18 Paolo Ricca Group featuring John Etheridge "Mumble" Jazz-Rock CD, DD Electromantic Music, Turin Jazz Rock School 15.12.17
05.02.18 Feronia "Anima Era" Progressive Metal, Hard Rock CD, DD Andromeda Relix 18.12.17
05.02.18 Mythic Sunship "Upheaval" Instrumental Psychedelic,
Space Rock
CD, DD, LP El Paraiso Records 12.01.18
05.02.18 Arnaud Bukwald "la marmite cosmique menu n°4" Progressive Rock DD 14.01.18
04.02.18 The Cyberiam "The Cyberiam" Progressive
DD 02.02.18
04.02.18 Master Men "From the Moon" Progressive Rock CD Lynx Music 12.02.18
03.02.18 Mezz Gacano & Self-Standing Ovation Boskàuz Ensemble

"Kinderheim" Instrumental Avant Prog, Classical CD, DD Almendra Music,
Lizard Records
03.02.18 The Dead Centuries "Race Against Time" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
CD, DD 26.01.18
02.02.18 Lorenzo Feliciati "Elevator Man" Instrumental Fusion CD, DD, LP Rare Noise Records 27.10.17
02.02.18 Tautologic "Re:Psychle" Progressive Rock/Pop CD, DD Turtle Down Music 18.01.18
02.02.18 Hamnesia "Metamorphosis" Progressive
CD, DD 20.01.18
01.02.18 Morpheus "Restless Dreams" Instrumental Jazz-Rock CD Garden Of Delights Nov/Dec 2017
01.02.18 Colin Edwin / Robert Jürjendal "Another World" Instrumental Ambient, Fusion CD 09.03.18
01.02.18 Oceans Of Slumber "The Banished Heart" Progressive Metal CD, DD, LP Century Media 02.03.18
01.02.18 Project:
"Re|Flection" Progressive Rock CD Progressive Promotion Records 16.03.18
31.01.18 N-1 "Die Spanier wo die nur können" Instrumental Krautrock, Space Rock, Psychedelic DD 22.01.18
31.01.18 Scarlet Host "Black Days" Progressive Metal DD 27.01.18
31.01.18 The Sundering "Pentameron" Retro Prog DD 17.01.18
31.01.18 Fire! "The Hands" Instrumental Avant Garde, Jazz-Rock, Fusion CD, LP Rune Grammofon 26.01.18
30.01.18 Into The Great Divide "Into The Great Divide" Instrumental
Progressive Metal
CD, DD 26.01.18
30.01.18 Sisare "Leaving The Land" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP V.R. Label 19.01.18
30.01.18 The Band Whose Name Is A
"Droneverdose" Istrumental Krautrock, Psychedelic, Space Rock CD, DD, LP Cardinal
29.01.18 Art of Illusion "Cold War of Solipsism" Progressive
CD, DD 26.01.18
29.01.18 Karibow "The Unchosen" Progressive Rock CD, DD Rockwerk Records 31.01.18
29.01.18 Moonparticle "Hurricane Esmeralda" Progressive Rock CD, DD, LP Plane
29.01.18 Scoredatura "Honest Oblivion" Instrumental Progressive Technical Metal CD, DD 12.01.18
28.01.18 Excessive Visage "You Are Lost Anyway" Avant Prog, Jazz Rock, Math Rock, Psychedelic CD, DD, CS Off Records‎, Already Dead Tapes 27.10.17
28.01.18 Of Petra "So Onto Itself" Progressive Rock/Fusion DD 07.01.18
27.01.18 Stone Leaders "Stone Leaders" Progressive Rock/ Metal, Hard Rock DD 25.01.18
27.01.18 Fractal Mirror "Close To Vapour" Progressive Rock CD, DD Bad Elephant Music 23.02.18
27.01.18 God Is An Astronaut "Epitaph" Post Rock CD, DD, LP Napalm Records 27.04.18
26.01.18 Kamelot "The Shadow Theory" Progressive Power Metal CD, DD, LP Napalm Records 6.04.18
26.01.18 Birzer Bandana "Of Course It Must Be" Progressive Rock DD 17.01.18
26.01.18 Inner Prospekt "Seven Ways to Lose Yourself" Progressive Rock, Electronica DD 18.01.18
26.01.18 Entropy Coding "Tales Of The Moon" Progressive Symphonic Metal DD Agoge Records 19.01.18
25.01.18 Opposite Box "OBscene" Funk, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Progressive Rock CD, DD 15.09.17
25.01.18 Seven That Spells "The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: OMEGA" Psychedelic, Krautrock CD, DD, LP Sulatron Records 15.01.18, 23.02.18
25.01.18 IO Earth "Solitude" Progressive Rock CD 03.02.18
25.01.18 Noiseware "Clouds At Last" Progressive Metal DD 18.01.18
24.01.18 Parafulmini "Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini" Jazz-Rock CD Lizard Records Dec 17
24.01.18 Sunrise Auranaut "Inserter" Instrumental Progressive Rock CD, DD Rock Company Mar 18
24.01.18 Aviations "The Light Years" Progressive Metal CD, DD 19.01.18
24.01.18 Dan Barracuda "Rooster Illusion" EP Progressive Rock, Psychedelic DD 02.02.18
January 23, 2018 Autumn Moonlight "Passengers" (Progressive Rock, Post Rock)
January 23, 2018 Hago "Hago" (Progressive Jazz-Rock/Metal, Fusion)
January 23, 2018 Fernando Perdomo "Out To Sea" (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 22, 2018 Xavier Asali "Perspectives" (Progressive Rock/Pop)
January 22, 2018 Between The Buried And Me "Automata Part I" (Progressive Metal)
January 22, 2018 Runaway Totem "La Traccia" (Progressive Rock)
January 21, 2018 Mysterious Clouds "Panic On The Noon Meridian" (Psychedelic)
January 21, 2018 Terran Spacers "I, Metal" (Progressive Space Metal)
January 20, 2018 Elephant9 "Greatest Show On Earth" (Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion)
January 20, 2018 Zombie Picnic "Rise of a New Ideology" (Instrumental Post Rock)
January 19, 2018 The Frame Defect "In Error" (Alternative Progressive Metal/Rock)
January 19, 2018 Sonar with David Torn "Vortex" (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Math Rock)
January 19, 2018 Nautilus "Los Viajes" (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion, Psychedelic)
January 18, 2018 Fearing The Hill "Titan" (Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal, Electronica, Classical)
January 18, 2018 Fistfights With Wolves "Plot Armor" (Progressive Rock)
January 18, 2018 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with Mild High Club "Sketches Of Brunswick East" (Psychedelic, Jazz, Fusion)
January 18, 2018 Destination Void "Tempvs Fvgit" (Progressive Metal)
January 17, 2018 Alessandro Evangelisti "Disincanto" (Progressive Rock)
January 17, 2018 Soniq Theater "Squaring The Circle" (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Electronica)
January 17, 2018 Distant Dream "It All Starts From Pieces" (Instrumental Progressive Post Rock/Metal)
January 17, 2018 Operapia "Operapia" (Alternative Progressive Hard Rock)
January 16, 2018 Sacred Lake "Technology in Nature" (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 16, 2018 Hadeon "Sunrise" (Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 16, 2018 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard "Murder Of The Universe" (Psychedelic, Retro Prog, Hard Rock)
January 15, 2018 Dopapod "MEGAGEM" (Progressive Rock, Jamband)
January 15, 2018 Gigafauna "Vol. 1" (Progressive Metal)
January 15, 2018 Carbon 7 "The Autumn Men Empire" (Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock, Ambient)
January 15, 2018 Vantomme "Vegir" (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion)
January 14, 2018 Master Sword "Shadow And Steel" (Hard Rock, Progressive Metal)
January 14, 2018 Barry Weinberg "Samsarana" (Progressive Rock)
January 13, 2018 Cisne Elocuente "Leda" (Progressive Rock, Jazz-Rock, Fusion)
January 13, 2018 Poem "Unique" (Progressive Metal)
January 13, 2018 Fordham Road "Fordham Road" (Progressive Rock)
January 12, 2018 a silent sound "COMPASS" (Progressive Rock, Pop, Folk)
January 12, 2018 Odysseus Reborn "Divine Inclination" (Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 12, 2018 Blå Lotus "Tube Alloys" (Retro Prog)
January 12, 2018 Psychic Lemon "Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay" (Psychedelic, Space Rock, Krautrock)
January 11, 2018 NVC "The Deleted Scenes" (Progressive Metal)
January 11, 2018 Dai Kaht "Dai Kaht" (Progressive Rock)
January 11, 2018 Обійми Дощу "Сон"/Obiymu Doschu "Son" (Progressive Rock)
January 11, 2018 New Past "State Of Falling" (Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 10, 2018 Glass "Emergence" (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 10, 2018 Weedpecker "III" (Psychedelic, Space Rock)
January 10, 2018 Illusive Dimension "New Roads" (Symphonic Progressive Metal)
January 10, 2018 Kafod "Pasos" (Progressive Rock)
January 09, 2018 Malady "Toinen Toista" (Retro Prog)
January 09, 2018 Somnambule "Iblis" (Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 09, 2018 David Barrett "The Mysticism of Sound and Music" (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 09, 2018 Brandon Hart "Genesis" (Instrumental Progressive Djent Metal)
January 08, 2018 Ola Kvernberg "Steamdome" (Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion)
January 08, 2018 Red Sun "The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds" (Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock, Stoner, Post Rock)
January 08, 2018 Adhara "Adhara" (Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 07, 2018 Ælementi "Una questione di principio" (Progressive Rock)
January 07, 2018 Angra "Ømni" (Progressive Power Metal)
January 06, 2018 Quasar "Last Transmission" (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Psychedelic)
January 06, 2018 Lithium Dawn "Tearing Back the Veil II: Awakening" (Progressive Metal/Rock)
January 05, 2018 Weend'ô "Time of Awakening" (Progressive Rock)
January 05, 2018 Cambrian "Point Of Origin" (Progressive Metal)
January 04, 2018 Inventions "Curiosity" (Progressive Rock/Pop)
January 04, 2018 Pulsar A.D. "Cosmic Odyssey, Vol. I: The Rise Of The Hollow King" (Progressive Metal/Rock, Stoner)
January 03, 2018 Anubis Spire "Divining Rod" (Progressive Rock)
January 03, 2018 Nova Spei "Nova Spei" (Progressive Metal)
January 02, 2018 Ryan Parmenter "One of a Different Color" (Progressive Rock)
January 02, 2018 White Mountain "The Delta Sessions" (Progressive Metal/Rock)
January 01, 2018 Les Lekin "Died With Fear" (Instrumental Psychedelic)

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